An investment for the future

Valea recruits new employees every year, and the company has a clear ambition to continue to grow even when the market or our industry in particular is experiencing a slump. Great freedom, but with responsibility, is a motto that Valea shares with many of today’s successful consulting firms, regardless of industry. What distinguishes Valea is how its employees use their knowledge and experience to develop customers’ businesses. Valea’s hallmarks are commitment, proactivity and seeing opportunities where others see problems or take a passive approach.

Careers within Valea

The actual composition of working groups is often crucial to delivering and preferably exceeding customer expectations. Constantly changing circumstances and the tough demands of clients can sometimes be uncomfortable but are for the most part stimulating and extremely rewarding for all parties involved. Valea prioritizes recruitment of experienced employees. Experience is often central to credibly developing customer relationships and identifying new business opportunities. A prerequisite for a successful career at Valea is daring to take the initiative and demonstrating a strong commitment to our existing and potential customers and Valea’s growth. We place great demands on our employees, but also think that employees should have high expectations of Valea as an employer. All employees have the opportunity to broaden their skills, expand their knowledge and advance in our business.

Mentoring and continuing professional development

We work continuously with mentoring and training to effectively ensure the transfer of knowledge and experience. In line with our business concept and vision, Valea has an international perspective on education and how we generate new contacts. All patent consultants receive extensive training for their EQE studies. The training program includes an experienced tutor, free study days, literature and participation on external courses. Our lawyers are trained continuously as required via national and international training programs and conferences. In light of the increase in international assignments, several company employees have joined organisations that focus on intellectual property issues with a transnational perspective. This also provides for the exchange of experiences and the opportunity to get to know colleagues from other countries.

Job satisfaction

Valea has high expectations of all employees. But we also understand the importance of everyone in the company finding a healthy balance between work and leisure. It should be fun to go to work and the driving force should be in the satisfaction of doing a good job, pleasing customers and having plenty of opportunities for personal development.