Mentorship guarantees continuous skills development


All employees at Valea have one or more supervisors to turn to. We have always viewed supervision and mentorship as a given tool for developing every single individual. For the company, it is an effective method of guaranteeing experiential exchange and knowledge transfer.

The purpose of the distinct investment in mentorship and supervision is to increase the both internal and external contact. We can thereby increase the knowledge and understanding in the company and at the same time, strengthen our employees in their professional role.


Continuous skills development is a prerequisite for being able to fulfil Valea’s goals and visions. We are convinced of the benefit of providing all employees with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and, by extension, develop their cutting-edge expertise.

Besides mentorship and supervision, we have an internal knowledge exchange in daily work. Valea arranges regular internal conferences where we share and discuss both internal and external industry news. We also regularly participate in external training and conferences.


Patent consultants must be authorised European Patent Attorneys to be able to represent clients and customers before the European Patent Office. The patent consultants that do not have an EQE qualification can, with a few years’ experience, participate in Valea’s training programme that should result in passing exams and obtaining an EQE qualification.

We offer all our patent consultants a comprehensive education programme before their EQE-studies, which includes an experienced mentor, free study leave, literature and external courses in Strasbourg or Geneva. After the period of study and the qualification, regular follow-ups await to ensure an optimal outcome for the employee and Valea.


Valea has developed into a consulting firm with a considerable international focus. In pace with the increasing number of international assignments, several of the company’s employees have joined organisations focused on the development of IP issues with a cross-disciplinary perspective. This commitment also creates the conditions for experiential exchange and getting to know colleagues from other countries.