We are seeking employees with specialist knowledge

Every year, Valea recruits a number of new employees and the company has a clear ambition to continue to grow. A large share of the new recruits comprises consultants with experience and specialist knowledge. This is to be able to live up to the objective of being perceived as one of Europe’s leading firms in intellectual property rights.

Valea believes in diversity and this is reflected in the composition of its employees’ expertise and specialisations, as well as age and background. This approach has created the prerequisites for good group dynamics. The employees are united by ambition, talent, devotion, curiosity and drive, in addition to understanding the importance of listening.

Below, you can see which areas we are active in and examples of which qualifications we are seeking for these areas.


Master of Law and a minimum of five years’ experience of independent consulting work.

Mechanics, Electronics, IT & Telecom

Master of Engineering degree with key competences and experience within:
• Mechanics
• Vehicle technology
• Applied physics
• Signal processing
• Medical technology, etc.

Life Science & Chemistry

Master of Engineering degree or equivalent university education within
• Chemistry
• Pharmacology
• Biochemistry
• Molecular biology, etc.

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