Integrative Research Laboratories Sweden AB

The pharmaceutical industry is particularly dependent on patents that work and are respected. Many years of costly research must be protected in order to become commercially viable. “For us, IP costs are an obvious investment – and this has been our approach since the start of our research careers,” say Clas Sonesson and Nicholas Waters, founders and partners in IRL, a recently established biotechnology company.

Integrative Research Laboratories Sweden AB (IRL) is located near Sahlgrenska University Hospital in what could be described as a research cluster in Gothenburg. For a layman, it is easy to associate the company’s name and logotype with the Internet concept “in real life”. “That was actually our intention when we chose the name of the company,” says Nicholas Waters, IRL’s CEO. “We do research that relates to real life, which not least may prolong or improve the lives of many people with diseases that affect the brain.”