Charlotta Vink

Chief Operation Officer
Senior Partner
Authorised Patent Attorney (SE)
European Patent Attorney

Charlotta specialises in patent matters within general mechanical engineering and has specific knowledge within the areas of wood material technology and building technology. She has worked extensively within the fields of vehicle engineering and medical technology. Charlotta advises clients on strategic patenting issues, and deals with matters relating to all aspects of patent prosecution and enforcement, including pre-patenting investigations, patent drafting and prosecution, oppositions, licensing, infringement, validity, and freedom to operate issues. She also works with business related issues. Furthermore, Charlotta is a tutor with CEIPI (Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies) at the University of Strasbourg, where she teaches European and international patent law matters at EQE preparatory seminars. She also lectures on patent law matters within Valea as well as for clients.  Additionally, she has been appointed as a Technical Expert in patent matters before the Courts of first and second instance in Stockholm since 2007.

Charlotta joined Valea in 2011 and prior to this she worked as a European Patent Attorney at Awapatent between 2001 and 2011. She passed the EQE in 2006. Earlier work experience includes working as project leader of RnD projects at SP Swedish Technical Research Institute, within the fields of wood mechanics and building materials.

Charlotta varies her office work by renovating her former vicarage from 1864 where she lives with her husband, son and daughter and lots of animals. Her main sport interests include horse-back dressage riding although there never seems to be enough time for that. Other than that she likes to use the sewing machine and also enjoys all types of textile crafts.

+46 31 50 77 03
+46 733 811 579
charlotta [dot] vink [at] valea [dot] eu