Marcus Gentzel

Authorised Patent Attorney (SE)
European Patent Attorney

Marcus has detailed knowledge and experience regarding patent matters mainly within the mechanical field, including general mechanics, mechatronics, bearing technology, manufacturing technology, renewable energy, continuous casting etc. He has a Master’s of science in mechanical engineering from Chalmers University and he is also a European Patent Attorney and a Swedish Authorized Patent Attorney. Before he joined Valea, Marcus worked at SKF’s patent department for about 13 years where for the last six years he was responsible for the patent operations for the Nordic countries, and for a time period also managed SKF’s patent department in Bangalore, India. He has experience of patent drafting, prosecution, oppositions and appeal proceedings, and he has also worked extensively with strategic IP counseling and managing large patent portfolios.  Except for the detailed knowledge regarding patent matters within the mechanical field, Marcus has also gained extensive knowledge and experience regarding patent matters within other technical fields, such as IT and Automotive technology, including autonomous vehicle technology. Marcus has also worked with more strategic IP work, including IAM (Intellectual Asset Management), which involves mapping and evaluating technology portfolios with the purpose to give advice on how to create increased value by controlling the unique knowledge in the best way.

Marcus spends a lot of his time with his family. Together with his wife, he has three daughters who take a large portion of their attention. His main interests are road cycling and alpine skiing, but he is also a dedicated Formula 1 fan and enjoys a good football game on the TV when time allows.

+46 733 811533
+46 31 507719
marcus [dot] gentzel [at] valea [dot] eu