Robin Ristander

Senior Associate
Patent Attorney

Robin has broad experience of patent issues from the mechanics industry. He is a mechanical engineer and holds an MSc obtained from the ICM program at the Center for Intellectual Property (CIP) at Chalmers in Gothenburg in 2009. Robin has since then worked with IP and control of technology in various ways at SKF. Initially Robin had a strategic/business development role to the traditional patent department which included developing services to support the business with trends/analyses compiled from patent information, technology mapping/evaluation (IAM), IP strategies, knowledge management/leakage, government funding, document classification/management systems, and benchmarked with other Swedish companies in the region regarding how one deals with various current issues, such as how to relate to IP in China etc. He was also a dedicated IP resource to a program involving especially high profiled innovation projects to coordinate the IP related activities efficiently depending on project context. These activities could be e.g. determining level of secrecy required, “IP SWOT analysis”, IP strategy/focus, mapping technology output and see to that the subsequent patent applications also reflected the mapped technology assets accurately. He was also involved in the collaboration agreements regarding IP/technology ownership and use. This to ensure its acceptable from SKF’s control perspective, but also easy to understand and administer, thus fostering a good collaborative environment.

Robin spent the last 2 years at SKF working in a more traditional IP manager role. He was responsible for a number of portfolios with all that it entails; filing and prosecution of patent applications, making sure the new filings and IP portfolios overall were in line with its business and IP strategy, and keeping track of competitors' patents (patent search/watch profiles, FTO, oppositions).

Robin is married and he and his wife enjoy travelling and eating good food. In winter they enjoy a trip to the mountains to ski.

+46 733 811583
robin [dot] ristander [at] valea [dot] eu