Breakfast seminar in Stockholm - Blockchain Technology and Intellectual Property Rights- time to stake out your positions!

07 December 2017

Blockchain technology has been described as the biggest technical revolution since the Internet. The technology – which is the basis for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but which can be used for much more – enables digital transactions without the use of intermediaries, which are much faster and also more secure than what has previously been possible. Blockchain technology is expected to change a wide range of business sectors fundamentally, such as banks and finance, gambling, consumer goods, legal services etc.

To keep up to date with the IP landscape and to secure intellectual property rights is just as important within new technology sectors as within the more established, with the advantage that early movers can stake out valuable positions, such as broad breakthrough patents.

Valea invites you to a breakfast seminar on Blockchain Technology and IP. The seminar is open to you who are interested in the topic and to you who is already active within blockchain related business.

Some questions that will be addressed:

Basics of blockchain technology.

  • Patents – what technologies can and should be protected? What are the leading companies up to?
  • Application of other IP protection forms in blockchain related products and services; trademarks, copyright etc.
  • Application of blockchain technology on today’s IP protection forms; time stamping, authentication etc.
  • Use of blockchain technology to prevent and combat IP infringements.
  • Commercialization opportunities for IP within blockchain technology.

Breakfast is served from 07.30 and you are warmly welcomed to our office at Sveavägen 24.

Speakers at the seminar are Valea’s consultants Jesper Sellin and Johan Ståhlberg.

Jesper Sellin, Attorney at Law  Johan Ståhlberg, European Patent Attorney
Jesper is an lawyer within IP- and IT-law, with special expertise within intellectual property right disputes and tech agreements. Johan is a European Patent Attorney with special expertise within infringementevaluations and establishment of rights related to software.


The seminar is held in English. To register, please send an email to info [at] valea [dot] eu with name and contact details.