Interview with Karolina Wiktorson

What did you do before you joined Valea?
I worked at Awapatent where I had a similar role as a consultant. There I started as a trainee in 2008 and before that I worked at a research institute as a research engineer and project leader.

What did you know about Valea before you joined us?
I knew that Valea was one of the large IP-firms. The consultants at Valea have a good reputation.

What are your main duties?
I will work as a patent consultant in the group within the technical field of LifeTech and Chemistry and I will help our clients with drafting and prosecution of patent applications and give patent related strategic advices.

What is your driving force within your work?
To help companies to manage their intellectual property rights and to provide strategic advice based on the specific company.

Why did you decide to join Valea?
I want to develop in my profession and in my customer relations and I feel Valea is a good company for achieving this. I have heard very good things about Valea and I look forward to being a part of this company!