Interview with Linda Granstrand Füle

What did you do before you joined Valea?
My most recent appointment was as a team leader and legal consultant at Zacco. I was employed there for 6.5 years, and last year I worked for Zacco in Copenhagen. I have 15 years of experience in the IP field and before Zacco I worked at Brann.

What did you know about Valea before you joined us?
I knew Valea is a renowned full-service agency. I also had the feeling that Valea was associated with very high quality and that Valea always has the customer in focus.

What are your main duties?
I will work as the new team leader for the Legal Group and my focus will be to continue to develop the legal team in the right direction. I will also be working on a broad front as both a team leader and consultant and will utilise my extensive experience in the field.

What is your driving force within your work?
I am passionate about delivering value to the customer, combined with the development of business strategy. I am a team player and enjoy working together with employees and customers, and have the opportunity to create a dynamic team with lots of energy.

Why did you decide to join Valea?
I chose to join Valea to get to work in the combined role of team leader and consultant and have the opportunity to continue to develop within a company that is reputable and where I will have the space to make an impact.