Interview with Lisa Eurenius

What did you do before you joined us?

I was working as a patent attorney at a smaller patent agency for more than seven years, prosecuting patent cases in e.g. mechanics and materials technology. Prior to that, I worked with patents in the materials technology field at Sandvik’s global intellectual property department, where I started working after PhD studies at Chalmers University of Technology, leading to a licentiate degree.

What did you know about Valea before you joined us?

In connection with training within the IP field, I had come into contact with Valea employees, and through them I had a good impression of Valea. I also knew that Valea is one of the larger agencies in Sweden and has a broad client base with several large companies as returning customers.

What are your main duties?

I will be working as a patent consultant in the mechanics team and assist our clients with drafting of patent applications, responses and oppositions, strategic advice, assessments and analyses within the patent field.

What is your driving force within your work?

Based on the specific demands of each client, delivering high quality work and making the customer happy. I find the mixture of language, technology and law within the patent field to be very stimulating.

Why did you decide to join Valea?

I wanted to work for one of the larger IP-agencies in Gothenburg and I believe that Valea will offer good conditions for me to grow in my professional role, in part thanks to many co-workers with varied experience and knowledge and Valea’s explicit ambition to always work as one team.