Interview with Magnus Johansson

What were you doing before joining Valea?

I was Corporate Intellectual Property Counsel at Kongsberg Automotive, where I worked since 2008.

What did you know about Valea before you joined us?

I knew that Valea was one of the leading IP firms.  I knew of its good reputation, and that it was especially known for its highly efficient team work.

What are your main duties?

I work with legal advice in all areas of intellectual property law, with a particular focus on patent-related issues such as infringement cases and transactions.

What is your driving force within your work?

In my work, I am passionate to earn the trust of my clients, and then deliver on that trust. I believe that intellectual creations are of major importance for society in general and for the development of society in particular, and I strongly believe in the ability of intellectual property to promote the development of new intellectual creations.

Why did you decide to join Valea?

I chose to join Valea for the opportunity to work with a broader client base, and partly because I had a very good impression of the employees at Valea, an impression that only has been strengthened now that I am here.