Interview with Marcus Gentzel

What did you do before you joined Valea?
I worked for about 13 years at SKF’s patent department in a number of different functions. I have for example been drafting patent applications and taken care of patent prosecution, and I have also been involved in more strategic IP matters such as development of IP strategies and patent portfolio management. Most recently I was responsible for the patent operations for the Nordic countries.

What did you know about Valea before you joined us?
I have been working with and been in contact with Valea since I joined SKF. I have a very positive impression of the company. For me it has been clear that Valea consists of nice and accommodating individuals who have a passion for IP issues.

What are your main duties?
I will be working as a patent consultant mainly within the mechanical field.

What is your driving force within your work?
For me it has from the beginning been interesting and exciting to see how IP can support a company in achieving its business goals and create value. It is first when you get a clear understanding of why and how a company can make use of e.g. a patent before you know how you can support your client in good way.

Why did you decide to join Valea?
Valea is one of the leading IP law firms in Europe. Since I have previously been in contact with Valea and have a very positive view of the company and its coworkers, it was an easy decision to take. I think that I have a very good opportunity to develop further in my work role in a good way here due to all new colleagues and also by getting the opportunity to work in many different technology fields.