The 50 most influential people in IP

The news magazine MIP has for the seventh consecutive year, selected the 50 people who they consider to be the most influential in the field of IP. The list includes everyone from corporate lawyers to judges and politicians

In recent years a series of attempts to legislate how intellectual property may be used has been made. In many countries, governments have tried to persuade ISPs to take greater responsibility in the monitoring of illegal downloading, without success. Public opinion has since been too strong to be able to push through such surveillance.

MIP believes that with decreasing opportunity for politicians to influence daily use, i.e. everything from the availability of music online to applying and defending patents in a more cost effective manner, patent holders, users and activists, have an increasing role in shaping the rules and usage.

There is one Swede among the 50 people on the lost, namely the Pirate Party´s First Vice-President, Christian Engström.
The Pirate Party expresses itself as follows on their website:
"Pirate Party's values are based on three fundamental values, that privacy must be protected, that culture must be released and that patents and private monopolies are harmful to society"

The fact that Christian Engström is included in the list may be seen as an indication of users' growing power and that new avenues for the use of intangible assets will change. A setback for the Pirate Party is the new law, known as the “IPRED-law”, which parliament decided to implement in April this year. It will be interesting to see what the lasting impact of it will be.

// Jeanette Härsjö