Election of the next EPO-president

- one of the candidates is the head of the Swedish Patent Office

The present president of the EPO, Alison Brimelowe, will leave her appointment in June 2010 and the process to find a successor is in the final phase. Four candidates have been interviewed by the Administrative Counsel at the EPO but none of the candidates has yet been elected. The election process will resume in December 2009. One of the candidates is Susanne Ås Sivborg, who is the head of the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (SPO). The other three candidates come from Switzerland, France and Denmark respectively.

Susanne Ås Sivborg already has a long career within the IP-field. After she had obtained her Masters Degree in civil engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, Susanne started her career as an examiner at the SPO. She then moved on to Munich and worked at the EPO as an examiner for five years. After a short period at a private practice firm, she joined Astra which later merged to AstraZeneca. She left AstraZeneca to become the head of IP at Electrolux, but after two years she rejoined AstraZeneca now based in London as the head of global IP at AstraZeneca. In September 2008 she became the head of the Swedish Patent and Registration Office.

In an interview with Susanne – see link to MIP article –she answers a number of questions, for example on filing trends in Sweden for patent and trademark applications. Further, she gives her view on what the Swedish government hope to achieve within the IP-field during its time as president of the EU and also what role the SPO can have in the ongoing debate on the role of IP in our society in relation to the Pirate Bay and the Pirate Party debates.

MIP-article http://www.managingip.com/Article.aspx?ArticleID=2250938

// Eva Wretblad