Eminem sings ”Let’s get down to business”

in the theme tume to SVT’s new programme, in which technical innovations and new business ideas are highlighted. Intellectual rights are Valea’s business, but also your business as an entrepreneur or innovator.

The Swedish version of the BBC’s popular “Dragons’ Den” gives entrepreneurs and innovators the chance to present their inventions or business ideas before five succeful investors or “Dragons”, as the programme calls them. The Dragons are prepared to invest money, between 200,000 and 2.5 million Swedish kroner, and they have commercial competence and a large personal network. After a short presentation of the product or business idea, the Dragons get the chance to put questions to the entrepreneurs, which can be about finance, market research or earlier commercial experiences. This allows the Dragons to make a quick decision whether they are prepared to invest their money on the product or business idea, in return for becoming a shareholder in a future company.

One point to which the Dragons repeatedly return during the questioning is the status of the intellectual rights. Is a patent pending on the product? Who owns the rights? This shows the importance of reviewing one’s intellectual rights before – as entrepreneur or innovator – going to investors to gain help with taking one’s idea to a lively and profitable company.

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// Kristin Ödling