National holiday

Our offices will close at 13.00 on Thursday 8th April and will be closed on Friday 9th April until 13th April, due to the Easter. We will open as usual on Tuesday 14th April.

Valea AB wishes all clients and colleagues a nice weekend!

Things worth knowing about eggs:

* In Sweden, we eat about 2000 tons of egg during easter week, twice the amount during a normal week.
* The word easter comes form the Hebrew word Pesach, which means easter lamb.

In Skillinge, Sweden, there is still today a game called “Äggapickningen”, during which you peck the opponent’s hard boiled eggs until they are broken, and the winner eats the loser’s eggs.

Eggs, food which unites the multicultural Sweden
The egg has a central role on the easter dining table. The tradition of eating eggs during easter exists around the globe and is an important symbol in many religions also in the multicultural Sweden. For Catholics, Protestants, Jews and Christian Orthodoxs, the egg symbolize life and growing power.

Source: Trade organization Svenska Ägg