Unofficial invoices!

Beware of unofficial invoices when your PCT application has been published!

As is well-known, a PCT application is published 18 months after its filing date or priority date. The PCT-application is published free of charge. Your application is then automatically entered into public databases, for example esp@cenet, the database of the European Patent Office, free of charge.

Recently, a few of our customers have received invoices from private unofficial patent registers just after their PCT applications have been published. We therefore want to point out that these invoices do not come from or via Valea. These invoices have nothing to do with the official fees that an applicant is expected to pay.

There is no reason to pay an invoice in order to for a patent application to be entered into such an unofficial register. All standard patent searches are executed using official registers, and there is no advantage in entering a patent application in an unofficial register. There is therefore no need to pay these unofficial invoices.

Please, contact us at Valea, if you get an invoice and cannot determine whether it is an official or unofficial invoice, and we will be glad to assist you!

//Anna MÃ¥nsson