Valea is participating in this year's INTA meeting

This year's major event in the brand industry, INTA’s annual meeting, is taking place in Seattle this weekend.

Over the course of five days, there will be continuous opportunities for networking, education and professional development, as well as committee meetings and exhibits.

In order to take advantage of all opportunities for personal and creative meetings Valea has three representatives taking part, Anna-Maria Lagerqvist, Niels Lagerkvist Lehmann and Susanne Mellqvist. If you would like to get in touch with them you can reach them at the following addresses or you can leave a message for them at the reception:

Susanne Mellqvist and Niels Lagerkvist Lehmann:
Hilton Seattle
1301 Sixth Avenue at University, Seattle, WA 98101
Tel: +1-206-624-0500
Fax: +1-206-682-9029

Anna-Maria Lagerqvist:
Sheraton Seattle Hotel & Towers (Headquarters Hotel)
Address: 1400 Sixth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101
Tel: +1-206-621-9000
Fax: +1 206-621-8441
Email: sheraton [dot] seattle [at] sheraton [dot] com

INTAS President Richard D. Heath says that: I know Seattle will be an excellent place for this year's annual meeting. The conference will be reflected by Seattle's commitment to conserve the environment and characterized by the INTAS commitment to limit its carbon footprint and we're excited to show INTAS promise to protect the environment.

A novelty for this year is that it is possible to follow the conference via Twitter.
Do you Tweet? Start following the 2009 Annual Meeting on Twitter. Visit, and pass along the link to your friends and colleagues so they can start following too. If you aren't tweeting yet, create an account and then click to follow. Before and during the Annual Meeting you’ll receive regular updates on what's going on in Seattle.

Hope we get a chance to meet you in Seattle!