A Bright Idea!

Two young industrial designers from Gothenburg have received one award after another for their invention CableCup, and this has been happening at a furious pace.

In September 2009 they obtained a Swedish patent for their invention. In June 2010 they received the RedDot Design Award for excellent product design and became one of the ten winners of a Design S!

The design duo Jonas Forsman and Lars Wettre have worked together since their studies and have worked on assignments from several well-known Swedish companies. With the experience they gained from these assignments they developed the function, design and quality of CableCup.

CableCup is unique in that it may be turned inside out which means that a user can see what he/she is doing when they hang up a lamp and it fits perfectly against any ceiling regardless of ceiling slope. A further advantage of CableCup’s soft material is that the cup shape self adjusts depending on the length of the ceiling hook on which a lamp is hung. In other words, cables will not be visible and an aesthetically pleasing play-free seal against the ceiling will be obtained!

The product is protected by a Swedish patent and an international patent application has been filed.

CableCup is owned by Jonas Algotsson, Jonas Forsman, Marcus Westdahl and Lars Wettre and the company is located in Uddevalla, Västra Götaland. Production takes place in Hökerum outside Borås. For more information about the product or the company, see www.cablecup.com

We at Valea are happy to have been able to follow the development this product from an initial idea to a prize-winning product and wish CableCup continued success.

// Jeanette Härsjö