The Patent Attorney Law is entering into force from 1 September 2010 in Sweden

The Swedish parliament approved on 23 June the government’s proposal concerning a new law for authorizing patent attorneys (proposition 2009/10:202).

From the 1 September 2010 those patent attorneys who fulfill the quality requirements defined by the new law will be authorized after applying to a new authority; the Patent attorney commission.

The authorization gives the authorized patent attorneys and their assistants the right to be excluded from being heard as witnesses regarding patent law related matters (defined by the patent attorney law). In principle, the patent attorneys will have the same status in the Code of Judicial Procedure as solicitors. This can have a significant impact, not only in Sweden, but in patent litigations outside of Sweden where Swedish patent attorneys are summoned to court.

Valea AB has several patent attorneys to whom the new patent attorney law applies. Do not hesitate to contact us to hear what this could mean for you and your company.

// Pontus Winqvist