Scholarships and contests

Stockholm's Innovation Award 2010
If you live or work / study in Stockholm, you are eligible to apply for the Stockholm Innovation Award. The aim of the award is to stimulate and encourage primarily those inventors working without support from major companies or institutions to develop new inventions.

Your idea may be a product, service, or a combination thereof. The ideas are assessed according to their technical, commercial and socio-economic importance. Apply before 2010-07-31. More information and an application form are available on:

Enitor and 7-Häradsbygdens Inventors’ Association organizes inventors contest
The winner will be the inventor of a new product in molded plastic or the replacement of a product made of wood, glass, porcelain, rubber or metal with plastic in a new and groundbreaking way. Apply before 2010-08-31. For more information see:

2 million
Jimmy Dahlsten Fund awards up to 2 million Crowns (SEK) for ideas or inventions supporting disabled people. Apply before 2010-08-31. For further information see:

// Pär Heimdal