Winners of the European Inventor Award 2012

On June 14, the winners of the European Inventor Award 2012 were announced. This prize, which is presented in five categorizes, was launched in 2006 and the European Patent Office (EPO in co-operation with the European Commission (EC) have since then annually honoured inventors who through their innovations have contributed to social, economic and technological progress.

This year’s laureates are awarded for their significant contributions to medical technology (individually-fitted hearing-aid devices and laser eye surgery), pharmaceutical development (treatment of hepatitis B), fuel cell technology (DMFC) and wireless networking technology (wireless LAN).
None of the 2012 winners is active in Sweden, but it may be noted that the Dutch inventor Jaap Haartsen was nominated for development of the Bluetooth technology during the nineties at Ericsson AB in Lund.

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// Marie-Louise Jardle