Jury awards apple another $290 million from samsung

The $1.05 billion a jury awarded in damages to Apple in 2012, was reduced by almost half by US District Court Judge Lucy Koh earlier this year. The judge then reduced the award by$US450.5 million arguing that the jurors had not followed her instructions properly when calculating some of the damages. The determination of when Apple had first notified Samsung on the alleged patent violations for the iPhone and iPad was also done erroneously, according to the judge. She ordered a new trial to recalculate the damages.

Now, Thursday 21 November, 2013, a San Jose jury reached a verdict in said retrial, and ordered Samsung to pay Apple another $290 million for infringing on the company’s patents.

Accordingly, two juries have now awarded Apple a total of approximately $900 million, which is slightly less than the initially ordered $1.05 billion.

It is likely that Apple as well as Samsung appeals the decision.

// Johanna Wendel Lektenius