Swedish patents in English

The Swedish Government has recently proposed that Swedish patent applications in the future may be prosecuted and granted in the English language.

Briefly, the Swedish Government proposes that an applicant in the future may be able to choose between filing and prosecuting a Swedish national patent application in the Swedish language or in the English language.

Should the applicant choose the English language, the prosecution before the Swedish Patent and Registration Office may be in the English language and the mention of a granted patent may be published in English. However, a patent certificate for a patent granted in English will include a translation into the Swedish language of the granted patent claims.  

The Swedish Government proposes the above changes in order to facilitate for R&D intense companies, the corporate language of which generally is English, to obtain granted patents in Swedish. Moreover, the proposal is in line with e.g. the London Agreement for European patents and proposed regulations for European patents with unitary effect.

The Swedish Government proposes that the amendments to the Swedish Patent Act which are needed in order to enable for Swedish national applications to be in English will enter into force on July 1, 2014.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any questions on how the Swedish Government’s proposal may effect your business.

// Thomas Ernby