Norway joins the London Agreement

From 1 January 2015 it will be easier and cheaper to validate European patents in Norway since Norway will then join the London Agreement.  The owner of a European patent granted in English by the European Patent Office (EPO) will namely only need to translate the patent claims into Norwegian when validating a patent in Norway.  However, if the European patent is granted in French or German, the owner of the patent will still have to translate the description into Norwegian or English.

Another legislation change in Norway which is also comes into force on 1  January 2015 is that it will be possible to file a national patent application in Norway in English. The application will then be processed in English if the applicant so requests.  

International patent applications are also affected by the amended Norwegian Patents Act. International patent applications entering the national phase in Norway on or after 1 January 2015 may namely be filed and prosecuted in English. A Norwegian patent will be granted in English if the application is in English.  Patent claims must however be translated into Norwegian. 

Valea can represent its clients directly before the Norwegian Patent Office since there is no requirement to use a Norwegian patent agent when filing patent applications in Norway.  We can also handle the translation of patent claims into Norwegian.

//Anne Keysan Rosvoldsve