Espacenet and European patent register available on your mobile

Patent searches may now be conducted in the EPO’s databases using your smartphone, since the EPO has added mobile versions of Espacenet and the European Patent Register to its small-screen optimized website,

The search experience is similar to the desktop versions, although the mobile version is leaner and more streamlined. Support is provided for basic searches as well as advanced searches.

The EPO reports that there are some limits in that, currently, no more than 100 search results may be displayed. However, should there be more than 100 search results, the user is informed, such that the query may be refined to find those that are most relevant.

The EPO further cautions that, in terms of available citations, while the mobile portal can access a large number of documents, the extent of searches is not quite as large as when using the standard web version of Espacenet. However, all the data available in the desktop European Patent Register is also available via the mobile search. 

// Johanna Wendel Lektenius