ETRS-WHS 2015 October 21-23 Copenhagen

The 7th joint meeting of the European Tissue Repair Society (ETRS) & the Wound Healing Society (WHS) was held in Copenhagen this year. Over 250 delegates from Europe and the US gathered to discuss the latest findings in wound healing research. Mechanisms of complicated wound healing are to a large extent still unknown. The role of stem cells in tissue healing, the inflammatory response in tissue repair and regeneration, biomarkers of membrane remodeling, clinical trial designs in chronic wound therapies, smoking and damages in wound healing, metalloproteinases and signalling pathways, were a few selected and highly interesting topics of the conference meeting.

In addition to the scientific presentations, there were presentations by companies active in the wound healing area. Integra presented their products in tissue engineering substitutes and technologies, and Leucopatch gave talks on their autologous active cell therapy for patients with chronic wounds such as Diabetic Foot Ulcers.

Ann-Sofie Sjögren participated from Valea.