Appointment of Technical Experts in cases in the Patent and Market Court

The Patent and Market Court of Appeal has the task of handling all appealed decisions of the Patent and Market Court, which from 1 September 2016 are part of the Svea Court of Appeal and the Stockholm District Court, respectively. The patent and market courts handle in principle all of the domestic cases and matters in intellectual property, competition and marketing laws. This means that the patent and market courts handle many different types of cases and matters. The Judges Proposals Board has now appointed technical experts for the period January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2023, and from Valea, our European Patent Attorneys Hao Li and Charlotta Vink are on the list.

Hao Li specializes in chemistry and biotechnology. She obtained a Ph.D. degree in Medical Molecular Biology at Umeå University in 2000. Following more than 12 years of academic experience in Sweden and in the United States, she became a patent consultant in 2009. She is engaged in all types of patent cases within the entire field of chemistry and also the fields with interdisciplinary characteristics.

Charlotta Vink specialises in patent matters within general mechanical engineering and has specific knowledge within the areas of wood material technology and building technology. She has worked extensively within the fields of vehicle engineering and medical technology. Charlotta advises clients on strategic patenting issues, and deals with matters relating to all aspects of patent prosecution and enforcement, including pre-patenting investigations, patent drafting and prosecution, oppositions, licensing, infringement, validity, and freedom to operate issues.