IPBC Europe 2019

Last week, Behdad Assadi and Isabel Cantallops Fiol, of Valea, participated in the IPBC Europe conference in Paris.  IPBC Europe is a dynamic forum where the decision takers and business makers in the IP industry get together for two days of intense discussions on the status of different current topics in the field.  The conference is also an excellent opportunity to create new relationships and exchange ideas. This year, a big focus was placed on different aspects of the fourth industrial revolution, with panel discussions on ownership of data, 5G deployment and the Internet-of-Things, changes in litigation in different jurisdictions and management of the IP risks companies face, among others. Isabel moderated a discussion panel session on the Landscape beyond Europe, with a special focus on the US and China.  The participants in the panel where Fergal Clarke, Director of IP Business Analysis at Lenovo, Cassandra Derham, Head of Technical IP at Amadeus, Heath Hoglund, Chief Patent Counsel at Dolby Laboratories, Joe Villella, Chief Licensing Officer at  Longitude Licensing Limited, and Wei Xiaowei, partner at Han Kun Law.  The panel was an excellent opportunity to learn from the experience of global leaders in IP.

Valea warmly thanks the panelists for their efforts in creating such a fruitful and insightful discussion.