Release and pre-registration of .UK domains

Holders of third-level domains such as,,, which have been registered before 28 October 2013, have been offered a pre-registration period to secure a second level equivalent (.uk) before it will be available for registration to the public. The Right of Registration period ends on the 25th June 2019 at 06:00 BST. Domain names which have not been registered by this deadline will be released in a specific process between 1st and 5th of July 2019 via registrars who signed up to take part. All domains not registered during these days will be available through the normal registration process.
This is an excellent opportunity for brand owners to secure their rights and prevent bad faith registrations. Contrary to the first come first served standard domain registration procedure, trademark owners will have now priority. We strongly recommend our clients to review their existing domain portfolio and check if they are eligible for pre-registration of .uk domains.