The importance of online brand protection during the COVID-19 pandemic


Under the last weeks all segments of our life has been affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Some industrial sectors face enormous challenges, while others are more fortunate and able to move completely to online platforms. As a significant part of the population has to stay home for a longer period of time, e-commerce is boosting, consumers buy more and more online. Unfortunately, this created an opportunity for counterfeiters who are taking advantage of both the increasing e-commerce in general and the worries regarding COVID-19 by selling more fake goods, including medicines and medical equipment. Europol reported that during one week in March “34 000 counterfeit surgical masks were seized” . Furthermore, OECD reports  fake medical supplies marketed as possible protection against COVID-19 being seized.

These trends make brands even more vulnerable during an already complicated period. Therefore, it is crucial that brand owners enhance their existing brand protection efforts. Due to the economic consequences of the pandemic and the restrictions available resources may vary: awareness raising within the organization, extra in-house routines to monitor e.g. social media or relying on experts and professionalized services. Valea can be a partner no matter which course of action you choose: we can offer our Complete Brand Protection services or consulting, to find a best strategy for your intellectual property enforcement.



// Eszter Kurtan