We have a newly appointed European Trademark and Design Attorney!

Valea congratulates Magnus Johansson, attorney at law and Manager for our Legal Team, for having become appointed to practice as European Trademark and Design Attorney.

Magnus provides legal advice to clients on matters related to patents, trademarks, design and other intellectual property rights. His focus is on matters in the intersection of technology, patent and law such as patent infringement matters, transactions and ownership matters. Magnus also has considerable experience in working with IP strategy, inventions and patents including advising clients on how to best secure and protect their IP. His in-depth knowledge and experience of working with patents has allowed Magnus to be authorized as a Swedish Patent Attorney. He has represented clients before administrative authorities the Swedish Patent and Market Court and in arbitration proceedings.

What are the requirements for being an European Trademark and Design Attorney?

According to Article 120.1 of the Regulation (EU) 2015/2424 of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Council Regulation (EC) on the community trademark, a natural or legal person may only be represented before EUIPO by:

a) a legal practitioner who has the right work in a EES member state and who runs an operation within the Community. The legal practitioner, however, needs to be qualified to act as a representative in trademark matters in the state in question.

b) an authorized representative found in the EUIPO list of professional representatives.

EUIPO’s interpretation of the Article 120.1 a  is that a legal practitioner is equivalent to a lawyer that is a member of the Swedish Bar association (advokat) in Sweden.

Representatives that are not such lawyers must be part of the EUIPO list of professional representatives according to Article 120.1 b. Swedish representatives are required to be involved in applications, oppositions and the like before PRV for a minimum of five years. If a representative meet the requirements PRV will issue a certificate to be included in the representative’s application to EUIPO. However, EUIPO ultimately decides if a representative is eligible for the list of professional representatives.