Isabel Cantallops Fiol, newly qualified European Patent Attorney, is Valea’s double agent in Europe and in the US

We are very happy to announce that after this year's European Qualification Examination (EQE), Isabel is now qualified as European Patent Attorney and will thus be able to represent Valea's clients before the European Patent Office (EPO). Being also a US Patent agent, Isabel is Valea’s (not so secret) double agent at the USPTO and at the EPO.  Since being qualified to represent clients in such two very important jurisdictions is very rare, we at Valea are very proud to have Isabel in our team and to be able to offer her assistance to our clients with her unique expertise!

Isabel has a PhD in Neuroscience and a Master of Science in Neurobiology and Physiology, both from Northwestern University (Illinois, US). She also has five years of postdoctoral research experience in Neuroscience (biotechnology) at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (New York, US). Isabel started her career in IP in 2002, first as a technical consultant, and later as US patent agent, at Clifford Chance US LLP (New York, US).