The ability to identify a good deal

Actually, it is pretty obvious – intellectual property right assets have a financial value only when they are commercialised. We require our consultants to possess insight into this value and an understanding of the customer’s business. We believe this clear approach to be the reason that Valea has steadily increased its share of the Swedish IP market in recent years. Our clients appreciate Valea’s clear emphasis on creating new businesses.

In the application for protection for a patent, trademark or design, it is important to take into consideration what the protection should encompass. In fact, the protection is absolutely crucial to being able to commercialise the IP asset.
The timing can also be business critical. It is important to apply at the right time. If an application is filed too early or too late, the product’s market strength and competitiveness can be harmed.

We help our clients identify the most appropriate time to apply for protection, as well as the scope of the protection. We thereby create the best opportunities to commercialise intangible assets. Once protection has been obtained, the rights obtained must be protected. We can help our clients with monitoring, warning and possible court proceedings. We can also help when a competitor’s protection proves to be an obstacle to a client’s business and should be disputed.

We can also offer our clients a review of their graphic identity so that it functions optimally. When necessary, improved or completely new graphic manuals are prepared. Valea also conducts educational efforts when clients want to improve the expertise in their own organisation.

Maria Engstrand, European Patent Attorney
Magnus Johansson, Attorney at Law