Complete Brand Protection

Are you aware of all the aspects of how your brand is exposed online and on the offline market?

As you are probably aware of, the risk of misuse and infringements of brands is wider than ever due to the level of trade online. It is essential to protect what is yours and we can help you with that.

All clients are unique, so is our Complete Brand Protection solution for you. We do not believe in "one size fits all".

We understand your global needs and assets and offer you a tailor made, strategic, hands-on advice and legal support to find the utimate brand protection strategy. We can support you with everything from strategy, monitoring, online and offline enforcement in one place to keep you in control.

With extensive experience, including inhouse, from a wide range of industries and service providers worldwide we think as you do and can navigate to find the best solution for you. Our transparent price models make sure you are in control of the costs. Choose Valea for a unique partnership for a Complete Brand Protection.