Legal services that generate new business opportunities

Valea has a strong team of lawyers that are experienced and proficient in handling all legal matters concerning IP. Our ambition is clear: we shall always provide the right level of legal support and propose the legal activities that make the most sense from a business perspective. This applies regardless of whether it concerns trademarks, domain names, copyrights, designs, patents or marketing related matters.


  • Legal counsel for international companies in high profile litigations in Sweden.
  • Currently involved in almost 200 trademark oppositions.
  • More than 1000 pending trademark applications.
  • Currently involved in over 100 on going disputes/litigation cases for trademarks, designs and domain names.
  • More than 1000 design applications filed world wide in the last years.
  • In-house consultants for three of Sweden’s largest global companies within the automotive industry and consumer goods industry.

Valea’s legal services include:

Legal Advice

We provide legal advice within intellectual property and marketing law, and thereto closely related legal issues. Our practice includes protection, commercialization and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Seminars & Workshops

We arrange seminars and workshops in intellectual property rights both in Sweden and abroad upon request.

Litigation and Dispute resolutions

Intellectual property rights can be subject to infringement, whether deliberate or not. Read more about how we support our clients in connection with litigation and dispute resolution.

Licensing and Contracts

Contracts of various kinds play an important role in the work of protecting, defending and commercializing intellectual property rights. Read more about how we can help our clients with licensing, contracts and other commercial agreements.

Due Diligence

In corporate acquisitions and sales, intellectual property rights are often included. We assist our clients with an inventory, valuation of intellectual property rights,  in connection with acquisitions and mergers. Read more about due diligence under the Commercialisation section.

Valuation and Audit

Being able to present intangible assets at a concrete value is often valuable in many contexts. Valea has special knowledge and experience of the valuation of intellectual property rights. Read more about valuation and audit under the Commercialisation section.