Electronics, IT & Telecom

Of crucial significance to successful players is that their products have well-established patents and the existence of an insight into which innovations and trends govern development in the field. The rapid development of IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) offers new innovative products and services with great need for IP protection.

The patent area of Electronics, IT and Telecom comprises computer systems, telecommunications, wireless communications and electronics. Many of the companies in these areas generally have opportunities to generate strong revenues by selling licences on their patents. A well-conceived IP strategy lays the foundation for multiplying licence revenues over time.

In these industries, cooperation on the standardisation of technology between the major players is common. This fact places special demands on working with patent matters. Thanks to close cooperation with our clients, especially because we have many consultants engaged by and located at our clients offices, we at Valea are well versed in the detailed management of patent matters. This knowledge is invaluable to our ability to formulate IP strategies in the best way possible for players in electronics, IT, IoT, AI and telecom.