Life Science & Chemistry

In the time that it takes to develop an invention, laws and rules can change. This in turn often changes the conditions for the patent protection. This fact places high demands on the invention being patented in the right way, so that the protection covers relevant geographic areas and is valid during the entire process from discovery to market.

The earning capacity of an invention is most often the greatest in the final years of a patent's lifetime. This is particularly true of inventions in medicine, biotechnology and chemistry. By supporting our clients with both strategic knowledge and operational implementation, we help make patents as profitable as possible.

In biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry, where patenting is common practice, it is critical to know and follow the patent landscape of an intended product. In order to minimize risks¨freedom-to-operate¨ searches and analyses are needed, preferably at an early stage of development of the product. Searching databases for patent publications covering products or technologies in biotech, pharmaceuticals or food tech is a complex undertaking, due to huge patent landscapes. Special search tools and experience in navigating these databases are required in order to ensure that the critical information is identified. We can provide you with this Patent Landscape Service – please read more here.

Valea’s consultants have academic qualifications and experience within biology, medicine, pharmaceuticals and chemical engineering. Combined with a good business understanding, this generates excellent conditions for effective and business-driven IP strategies.