Successful patent management demands experience of different operations

Valea’s employees master all patentable technical areas and we have experienced lawyers that assist with legal expertise. Together with our clients, we establish a well-conceived IP strategy where we examine what opportunities exist and what alternatives are best suited to each client, product or invention.

If we can establish close cooperation with entrepreneurs and innovators early on, the chances of obtaining optimal IP protection at a reasonable cost are good. Our interdisciplinary working methods and broad skills profile are often very successful in patent matters. This is particularly true since technical fields overlap each other and require the experience and knowledge of several different parties.

At Valea, we represent our clients before administrative and general courts, patent authorities, the European Patent Office, and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Alicante.
We also have close cooperation with a large number of highly reputable law firms and patent agencies worldwide. This is to give our clients the best possible conditions for defending or establishing their intellectual property rights.