Services that add value

Valea works to establish, defend and commercialise IP assets such as patents, trademarks, designs and domain names. We also manage other legal aspects concerning intangible assets, such as consulting in copyright, market law and IT law matters. In the long-term, close cooperation with several of Scandinavia’s and Europe’s most successful and innovative companies, the service offered is continuously developed to meet the market’s needs.
Valea’s services cover the entire chain from concept to commercialisation. We focus on being a commercially focused support, with leading expertise and understanding of IP law in a commercial context. Knowledge of technology and the law is a tool to create success for our customers.


Establishment of intellectual property assets is a process that consists of several stages from concept to commercialisation. We offer services that cover the entire process, which includes developing strategies for intellectual property rights, obtaining patents, protecting trademarks and the form and appearance of products, as well as managing domain names.

Hand in hand with this, we also help our clients to evaluate, formulate, negotiate and establish collaboration and agreements.


Technical developments, designs and identity represent considerable value and must be protected from idea theft, copying or forgery. Valea’s consultants assist with monitoring, advising and taking legal action when necessary. We represent our clients before administrative and public courts, patent authorities and before the European Patent Office and the Organization for Harmonization in the Internal Market.


IP assets generate value when they are commercialised and, consequently, the management of these assets needs to be formulated and adapted to the client’s business objectives. We establish and negotiate agreements with a focus on commercial benefit and risk elimination, and we survey intellectual property rights in order to provide a basis for valuation and risk assessment.