Team Bergqvist Match Racing

International Women's Match Race China

After five intense days of match racing in Shanghai, Team Bergqvist finished in an honorable second place! Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park offered challenging sailing with a lot of wind and the team gained a lot of experience for their next competition, "Warren Jones" in Perth at the end of January, in addition to a prize.

Congratulations on finishing in second place! We are looking forward to your next competition!

Team Bergqvist at the Lysekil Women’s Match

After a really solid first day, defeating the reigning world champion, Team McGregor, and winning 4 out of 5 races, Team Bergqvist got interviewed on Swedish Television. You can see the interview here, watch from 3.53. They also got interviewed in the Daily Update from Lysekil Women´s Match Race and you can see that interview here.

Despite the very good start, Team Bergqvist couldn´t hold their on to their position from the first day. The competition ended in the semi-final against the two times world champion, Leroy. We are very proud of Team Bergqvist’s team work and team spirit and are convinced that the they will reach the top if they keep up the hard work! You can read Team Bergqvist’s Facebook-post here:  

"The Women’s World Championship has come to an end. We finished in 7th place after being knocked out by Leroy, two times world champion who also finished in 2nd place. We have never sailed as well as we did in the quarterfinals, and we came back from 0-2 to 2-2, but then lost the last race by a boat length after killing a penalty at the top mark. We are really disappointed that we didn’t make it further, but at the same time we’re really happy with our performance. It just didn’t get us all the way this time. We now know for sure what mindset and attitude we want to have in our team, which is one of our best lessons from this week. Anyways, thanks for the best week hosted in Lysekil ever, and thanks to everyone that cheered us on! Next time."

Midsummer Match Cup

With the Midsummer Match Cup a  new and unique concept in match racing was introduced. There have been major competitions with mixed teams before, for example the Volvo Ocean Race, where a change to the rules made it advantageous to include women in the teams. Midsummer Match Cup is the first Match Racing Competition in the world where the rules stipulate that each team should be mixed, with at least two men and two women onboard. In Match Racing, two identical boats compete against each other. The concept is simple - first in the goal wins - but it does not make the sport easy! It requires both a clear strategy and the ability to sail the boat quickly in order to win, and the contestants make extensive use of the rule book to try to punish the opposition boat along the way.

Team Bergqvist had a tough start but picked up a lot at the end and ended in a 10th place. With many of the world's top-ranked sailors in place, this was an instructive week for our team and they are now looking forward to many of the summer's big competitions! We will update our website during the summer – so stay tuned.

GKSS, Gothenburg royal yacht club, Spring Cup 25-26 May 2019.

The first regatta in Sweden 2019 was Spring Cup in our own club. With a lot to do in school combined with work these months after San Fran have been really hectic. But we’ve tried our best to get some practice done before the regatta and we felt ready. This time we sailed five on the boat. So the first day started off with a loss against one of the worlds greatest match racing sailors, Johnie Berntsson. We made a big mistake in the start that was too big to catch up during the race. Even though we lost that race we had a really good feeling on board. We managed to do better maneuvers than him and had very good boatspeed. The next three races we won and the things we learnt in the first race really helped out in these three.

We lost our fifth race to the world champion Anna Östling with really small marginals. Nowadays we’re able to fight her and often beat her, but in this match we missed on a judgecall. A small mistake that gave big consequences. We didn’t have time to sail more races that day, and unfortunately the next day was cancelled due to heavy breeze. It became a short competition for us that weekend, and because the regatta couldn’t complete all races a lot of teams finished in a tie. In the end we finished on a sixth place which was not at all what we aimed for. Sometimes one small mistake can make you go from having a shot at the win to instead finish in sixth place. This is something we’ve learnt lately, you can’t afford making mistakes if you’re aiming for the win. The teams we’re competing against now are on such high level they barely ever make mistakes. That makes it very important for us to be on our toes from beginning to end in a regatta, and never waste a race.

To wrap this weekend up it didn’t include as much racing as we hoped for, but it was really good practice since the boats we sailed there are the boats we’re sailing at both Midsummer Match Cup and Womens World championship this summer, which are our two most prestige and important regattas the whole year.


Update from Team Bergqvist at World Sailing Nations Cup Grand Final 2019, San Francisco, USA – 9 – 14 April 2019

This was the biggest match racing event they have sailed so far with 10 open teams and 10 female teams.
The Nations Cup is a very prestigeful event that takes place only once every 4 years, and only the best ranked teams in the world are invited. Unfortunately, this was not to be one of Team Bergqvist’s best performances but as skipper Johanna says ”Sometimes you need to hit the bottom and get a wake-up call, to be able to motivate yourself to push it that little extra that is needed to really win an event. I therefore strongly believe that this 8th place was just what we needed to get to the next level.”

Valea works across boundaries between our areas of expertise, but also in purely geographical terms between our offices. For every new assignment, a unique team of consultants is formed based on the specific needs of each individual project. We believe in team spirit and its positive effects. Valea has therefore chosen to sponsor a team who together strive to reach the top. Team Bergqvist Match Racing is an ambitious group of girls who, while having a sailing venture, also study full time.

During our conference in March, we got to know of their work to develop their team. They outlined the importance of understanding each other's weaknesses and strengths in a very illuminating and inspiring lecture. They emphasized how important it is that everyone strives to achieve a common goal and that the journey is part of the path to achieving that goal.

We will follow their journey with excitement. You can view their updates here: