Valea´s most important resource

Valea’s goal is to be the most sought-after employer in the IP industry. A strong contributory factor in our success in attracting competent and ambitious employees is that we work for several of the most professional and demanding clients in the market.

A strong client relationship and a commitment to our clients are always in focus at Valea. Our employees see the importance of understanding and being able to realise the entire value chain for the client. This approach is based on the fact that we combine specialist expertise with an understanding of clients, the market and the often tough commercial terms.

Valea has a working model that permeates the organisation at all levels and highly influences every individual employee. We work across boundaries between our areas of expertise, but also in purely geographical terms between our offices. For every new assignment, a unique team of consultants is formed based on the specific needs of each individual project.

We organise two internal conferences each year, one in the spring and one in the autumn. At these conferences we gather all the staff at the company. Valea has an organisational model that is flexible, which ensures that we can deliver the best results to the client. This means that we always have to have good internal communication and a common approach to our work. The conferences are an important instrument for skills development, for building common values ​​and for coordinating communication within the company. Some photographs from some of our past conferences are shown here.

In a service consulting firm, knowledge and advanced academic qualifications are of the utmost importance. The distinguishing factor for Valea is how the employees use their knowledge to develop the clients’ business. With a business understanding of IP assets, greater value can be generated for Valea’s clients.
Among just over 80 employees at Valea, we have European patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, design attorneys and lawyers who are specialists in patents and law.