Publicerade artiklar

Managing the balance between secrecy and openness
(Managing Intellectual Property 2019)
Authors: Maria Engstrand, Magnus Johansson

To what extent is AI patentable in Europe?
(Managing Intellectual Propert, Europe IP Focus 2019)
Authors: Magnus Johansson, Behdad Assadi

Examining the gender patenting gap
(Managing Intellectual Property, Mid-year 2018)
Författare: Katrin Lindberg, Anette Romare

Analysing blockchain patent trends
(Managing Intellectual Property, Europe IP Focus 2018)
Författare: Johan Ståhlberg, Isabel Cantallops Fiol

Contributory infringement in Europe - before and after the UPC
(Managing Intellectual Property, 2017)
Författare: Benjamin Hoffmann, Karolina Wiktorson

Recent rulings on website blocking
(Managing Intellectual Property, Europe IP Focus 2017)
Författare: Linda Granstrand Füle, Monika Colak

Do patents get in the way of feeding the world?
(Managing Intellectual Property, Europe IP Focus 2016)
Författare: Ylva Skoglösa, Isabel Cantallops Fiol

Avoid pitfalls when limiting claims in Europe
(Managing Intellectual Property, June 2016)
Författare: Charlotta Vink, Louise Tottie

Patent holders shout: why opt-out?
(Managing Intellectual Property, Europe IP Focus 2015)
Författare: Johan Ståhlberg, Camilla André

Time for a new tool in EPC´s box?
(Managing Intellectual Property, June 2015)
Författare: Ylva Skoglösa, Annika Unge Reis, Isabel Cantallops Fiol

Unifying Sweden´s litigation system
(Managing Intellectual Property, Europe IP Focus 2014)
Författare: Anna Maria Lagerqvist, Thomas Ernby, Björn Pettersson

A Unified Patent Court and Potential Implications for the Pharmaceutical Industry
(Managing Intellectual Property, LGM Life Science 2014)
Författare: Marie-Louise Jardle, Ronney Wiklund, Ylva Skoglösa

Examining the latest Community trademark developments
(IAM Yearbook 2015)
Författare: Lena Ericsson, Hanna Bruck

Luxury brands in the digital world
(IAM Magazine, IP Value 2014 - An International Guide for the Boardroom)
Författare: Anna Maria Lagerqvist, Hanna Bruck

A guide to further medical use inventions at the EPO
(Managing Intellectual Property, Life Science IP Focus, 2013)
Författare: Ylva Skoglösa, Camilla Lidén

Brand owners: thread softly online
(Managing Intellectual Property, Europe IP Focus, 2013)
Författare: Lena Ericsson, Monika Colak

Selection inventions
(Managing Intellectual Property, Life Science IP Focus, 2012)
Författare: Anette Romare, Louise Tottie

A new look at harmonising utility models
(Managing Intellectual Property, IP Focus, 2012)
Författare: Jesper Sellin, Gunnar Hjalt

(Managing Intellectual Property, Patent Yearbook 2012)
Författare: Andrew Hammond

Untangling SPCs in Sweden and Europe
(Managing Intellectual Property, November 2011)
Författare: Camilla Lidén, Ellen Setréus, Ylva Skoglösa

When is post-published evidence acceptable?
(Managing Intellectual Property, Life Sciences 9th edition 2011)
Författare: Anette Romare, Ronney Wiklund)

Described but not disclosed
(Managing Intellectual Property, Juli/Augusti 2011)
Författare: Lena Hagström, Johan Ståhlberg, Anna Theander)

Legal analysis now standard
(Managing Intellectual Property, Juli/Augusti 2011)
Författare: Jesper Sellin

What the EPO´s rule changes mean for Life Science applicants
(Managning Intellectual Property, Oktober 2010)
Författare: Camilla Lidén, Ellen Setréus, Ylva Skoglösa

How to get a patent on a budget
(Managing Intellectual Property, Juni 2010)
Författare: J Kossmann, P Winqvist, E Wretblad)

Patenting protein pharmaceuticals in Europe
(Managing Intellectual Property September 2009)
Författare: Ylva Skoglösa, Annika Unge

Developing a patent strategy in Europe – some considerations
(EPO Handbook 2007/04)
Författare: Andrew Hammond

Divisional applications are OK after all
(Managing Intellectual Property 2007/03)
Författare: Andrew Hammond